Our organization is engaged in offering a wide assortment of Chartered Accountant Audit Services For Company to our clients. These services are rendered by professionals. Best Auditing Firm in Dwarka.

If you are looking for audit companies in India then look no further. Company provides audit services in Dwarka, Delhi like comprehensive auditing and assurance audit. We assist or clients to accomplish their goals by providing an organized, closely controlled process to assess and improve the efficiency of their management structure, overall control, and risk management.

Some of the advantages of hiring Company Audit Services are:

- Examine and identify your company’s financial records.

- Categorize key areas for improvement in your company.

- Evaluate new technology.

- Reinforce and strengthen internal control.

- Uncover fraudulent or other illegal activities within your company.


* Statutory Audit of accounts of Public and Private Companies

* Financial Institutions Audit

* Banks and non-banking financial companies Audit

* Sole-Proprietor's as well as partnership firms Audit

* We take special concern of any
Revenue leakages, Overpricing, Process overlaps and Unauthorized access, Omission and commission errors

We engage with our clients on a continuous basis to ensure adherence to statutory and regulatory requirements, including disclosures and provide constructive, value-added delivery.

  • Statutory Audit – Expressing an opinion on the true and fairness of financial statements of the company as required under the statute, accounting standards and guidelines issued by the regulator.
  • Tax Audit – Auditing the financial statements of an entity in accordance with the provisions of the Income tax of India and providing disclosures through specified formats.
  • Management Audit – Audit of specific operational management functions (viz. purchase, sales, inventory, fixed assets, special purpose accounting, mergers, acquisitions etc.) wherein we closely work with the management in improving overall efficiency.
  • Forensic Audit – Audits undertaken at specific request of the management to improveand detect or mitigate chances of fraud or misappropriation of resources/ funds.